Randomness for 9/28


1) Several people have been linking to this lovely, dialog-free animation as a depiction of the atheist experience. I think they’re pretty much right. Video.

2) Did you know that, back in the 1970’s, Psychology Today published board games meant to raise awareness of social issues? “In Sommer’s version, however, the black player could not win; as a simulation of frustration, the game was too successful. Then David Popoff, a Psychology Today editor, redesigned the game, taking suggestions from militant black members of “US” in San Diego. The new rules give black players an opportunity to use—and even to beat—the System.”

3) “What We Talk About When We Talk About Men Not Reading”

4) Paintings based on Craig’s List “Missed Connections”.

5) Wizards of the Coast hiring an book editor for their D%D line.

6) Writers worst day jobs.