My Books On Sale (and other authors’ too, I guess)


Kidding! There are lots of great books to grab here.

Background: Evil Hat is clearing up some warehouse space, so all of their fiction is only $2 (plus shipping) for who-knows-how-long. Plus, every paper copy you buy gets you the ebook for free.

If you haven’t read KING KHAN, my “Spirit of the Century” game tie-in novel, now is your chance. It’s pulp fiction set in the thirties about an unusual hero summoned to Hollywood by a message, written in his own handwriting, tied to a time-traveling arrow. (Also, he’s unusual because he’s a super smart gorilla.)

Also available is an anthology I appeared in, called DON’T READ THIS BOOK, featuring short fiction set in the game “Don’t Lose Your Mind” about people trapped in a nightmare reality, whose lucid dreaming can control the world around them.

But hey, why did I mention those works without including a link? Because if you only looked at my works, you’d miss the books by Chuck Wendig, C.E. Murphy, and many many other great authors.

Here’s the full list. Treat yourself to something fun.

Anthology Walk The Fire 2 is out


I have a story in Walk the Fire 2, edited by author and podcaster John Mierau, which is now available. It’s a rare story (for me) since it’s set in the diiiiiiiiissstaaaannt fuuuuuuuuutuurrre. I’d call it a science fiction story, but it’s a shared world anthology based on the conceit that special bonfires allow limitless teleportation. Calling it science fantasy suggests there are buckles being swashed, so I think I’ll call it un-science fiction (which makes it very like most of the stuff being published as sf, but never mind).

You can listen to the first story of anthology 1 if you’re an audiobook-phile.

Sorry, Amazon-haters and pbook lovers, but right now it’s Kindle-only. Hopefully, it’ll be available elsewhere at some point in the fuuuuuuuuutuurrre. Update: alternate way to get the book!