The Kickstarter Humble Bundle is live


[Update: links removed because the Humble Bundle is over.]

Hey, you guys, did you know that my Great Way trilogy is part of a Humble Bundle devoted to Kickstarter projects?

Also included:

    That Julie Dillon fantasy art book.
    The Choose-Your-Own Adventure Hamlet
    Issue #33 of John Joseph Adams’ Nightmare Magazine
    A new Michael J. Sullivan novel
    A Steampunk anthology that focused on protagonists from outside the US and Great Britain
    A humorous Greg Pak comics anthology
    A superhero comics parody
    A zombie apocalypse comic set in 1943 Soviet Union

And more. I mean, obviously, there’s much more there.

Several of these were projects I wanted to back but couldn’t, for a variety of reasons. Now is my chance to grab a copy, and help charity, too.

If you’ve been meaning to try my work, or if you just like really sweet deals, check it out.