The State of the Kickstarter Address


Well, you can see how the Kickstarter stands right here:

As I type this on Thursday night (I plan to schedule this for Fri morning, when I should be out of the house working on my chapters), the project is at 280% of goal. First of all: Wow. Second of all: thank you.

A lot of people, when they run a Kickstarter campaign, send a month flooding their social media asking for help. I’m not doing that. I am putting these little widgets in each of my posts, because what if an infrequent visitor comes to one of my spaces and doesn’t know about the project? But I think it would be kinda crass to press people for money when I’ve already vaulted over the bar with so much clearance.

So I’m not going to push. I will keep mentioning it, and I do plan to write about my experiences with it when it all blows over. Also, as I write this, my project is listed as one of the six entries under “Popular” on Kickstarter’s Discover/Publishing page, which can’t be a bad thing.

I’ll also mention that the hardbacks I’m offering are a one-time thing. I won’t be doing more after the Kickstarter ends; that wouldn’t be fair to the backers who paid for them.

So the state is busy, still, and frustrating as I try to do new things for the first time.

Also, frankly, pretty wonderful, so thanks.

Oops, almost forgot: I am revising the beginning of THE WAY INTO CHAOS so I can post those chapters on my blog, hopefully next week. The really weird thing is that they’re pretty solid. I know this isn’t my first pass through them, but I’m usually harshly critical of my work. Not this time. I like them and I hope you guys feel the same.