The turkey-and-stuffing sandwich diet: or, how I lost 18 lbs over the Thanksgiving holiday


Actually, there’s no reason in the world for me to have put “how” in the subject header, because I have no idea how it happened. My random snacks have been largely meat-based–is this a pseudo-Atkins? I’ve just returned to the gym, but only three times a week and not last week because of the holiday and the flight to L.A. for the book trailer. Or maybe it was the three-day (near-)fast of my L.A. trip itself.

Then again, maybe it’s because I quit my day job and my body is flushing out all that artery-clogging sorrow.

More likely, despite being at 280+ for so long, my body was never comfortable there and has seized on what little activity I’m giving it to shed some unwanted me. I should never have let my various pains drive me to a sedentary life; instead of easing the strain on my legs and back, it only made them worse.

I still hurt, of course–that’s never going to stop–but it’s not as bad as it was. Also, I’m less concerned with the actual number on the scale (which is why I only get on it once a month or so) than with how I feel. I feel better. And thank Pikachu for that.

Next project for me: The Cranberry Diet: How to slim down while feasting like a glutton! I look forward to the free-publicity I’ll get from health expert denouncing me as a huckster and moron.

2 thoughts on “The turkey-and-stuffing sandwich diet: or, how I lost 18 lbs over the Thanksgiving holiday

  1. janet

    Well, when you think about it you are probably a lot less stressed out and pissed off now. Nothing like those good old stress hormones to increase stress eating, pain levels and decrease motivation to exercise. I have an evil, axe wielding entity in my head who starts swinging when I’m stressed, fatigued, overworked and sleep deprived. It was getting more active all the time.It certainly had a role in my career burnout. It is so much better living the reclusive semi-feral lifestyle I now enjoy. And the Axe wielder has been sleeping.

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