The crappy thing about buying a jacket from a thrift shop like Value Village, even a nice one, is that you might stick your hand in the pocket and pull out an old, yellowed fingernail clipping. Bleh.

My desktop computer went insane mid-comment yesterday. All I could type was Greek letters, math symbols and other crap. After a wasted hour and an increasingly bitter certitude that my computer had given up the ghost six months after my extended Applecare had run out, I discovered that it’s (almost certainly) a broken keyboard. Which means I will be stimulating the economy on my lunch hour.

I am having trouble sleeping and waking early to do my daily pages. I’m way behind on my schedule for Man Bites World, and it’s really bugging me. Then again, I always have trouble sleeping and waking at this time of year. Must do better, must do better, must do better.

And then, this morning I was riding the bus reading a book I should be enjoying much more than I am, feeling grouchy and inadequate as I head to a job I don’t much like but really really need, the bus tops the hill behind my house and I get a sudden vision.

Today is a rare clear winter’s day, and because I missed my morning bus, I was riding to work just as the sun came up. And in the time it took the bus to make a left hand turn, I caught a glimpse of the Olympic Mountains on the other side of the Sound, their snow caps pink from the rising sun. And just a few degrees above them was the full moon.

And it was beautiful.