Yay Museum of Flight!


The layout is kinda funky, and why did the WW1 and WW2 planes have to be in such a dark environment? (My wife thinks it’s to preserve the planes, but I’m doubtful.) I had to take those photos w/out the flash on my little camera, so I apologize if I blurred the picture by moving during a long exposure.

But aside from that, it’s really a fantastic place. Truly awesome and amazing.

Here’s the Gossamer Albatross II, the human-powered plane from a few years ago.


Here’s a V1 rocket and cruise missile


And here’s a chart showing several different aviation maneuvers. You’ll have to click through to see it at the “large” or “original” size if you want to read it.


And there are 70+ pics in the set over on Flickr, including some shots of the mockup of a lab in the international space station, WW1 bi-planes, the lunar rover, a couple jet engines, and so on. We almost toured the inside of Air Force One (a mockup, I’m sure) but my son had had enough before we got to it. I don’t know squat about planes, but it sure was fun being there.

See the whole set here.