Randomness for 11/27


1) We Watch It For You: Rage of the Yeti. OMG, why didn’t anyone tell me this exists!

2) Walking through doors causes forgetting, study determines.

3) Ultra-serious Amazon.com reviewers take on pepper spray.

4) Reuters Best 100 Photos of 2011. Some of these are gorgeous. Some of these are difficult to look at.

5) Famous paintings with irreverent new titles.

6) “Twe-twe-2016!” A truly terrible trailer for a movie from Ghana. So awful and so compelling. Video.

7) The series bible for the old D&D cartoon.

Randomness for Halloween


1) The World’s Most Controversial Lego Model.

2) The Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents. Some nuance on comic art that I hadn’t heard about.

3) Mount Rainier casts a shadow on the clouds.

4) “Dude,” I said. “These people aren’t protesting money. They’re not protesting banking. They’re protesting corruption on Wall Street.”

5) Dahlia Lithwick earns respect for this article on Occupy Wall Street and modern media messaging.

6) Only remaining martial arts master searches for a student worthy of learning shastar vidya.

7) Creepy Old-Time Halloween Photos. Yeah, it’s a slide show. They’re still really creepy.

Bonus death-themed #8 because it’s Halloween and not all of these are holiday-related: A fantastic obituary.

Randomness for 8/20


1) Interview of a One-Year-Old Child. Video. Way funnier than it sounds.

2) Moebius did concept art for the movie WILLOW. Check out the art design that could have been.

3) Astonishing bike stunts in abandoned industrial facility. Video. Music’s nice, too.

4) Better Book Titles.

5) Everything you need to know about the video game industry in one graphic.

6) The 10 Most Brutal Moments in ‘The Savage Sword of Conan’!

7) A steampunk apartment.

Randomness for 8/12


1) Obscure names for 25 Everyday Things.

2) Ten things you didn’t know about the original Star Trek.

3) How Terry Gilliam did his cut out animations. Video.

4) The 16-bit Game of Thrones RPG (not really, but hilarious) Video.

5) How nightclub bouncers decide who to let in with only a glance.

6) Looking for a new status purchase to impress the gold-diggers in your life? Why not diamond-encrusted contact lenses?

7) JAWS done in the style of Peanuts.

Con (mis)behaviors


Seen via Sherwood Smith: Steve Miller wrote up a list of dos and don’ts for convention attendees.

It’s not really my thing, since I don’t attend conventions, but I figured you guys might be interested.

And so… a contest! Since my favorite thing about conventions is the stories of awful misbehavior that flow out of them like water from a leaking dam, I would like to hear YOUR best (worst) story of awful convention misbehavior. It has to be something you personally witnessed, not just something you heard about second-hand or watched on video (like the Ellison boob-grab).

Also, I’d like to avoid stories of actions that could have/did earn the perpetrator prison time, because that can be upsetting to many readers (including me).

The winner will be chosen by me, based on my own personal social hangups and anxieties, will win a complete set of all three Twenty Palaces novels, mailed to the library system (or other institution) of your choice.

Post your horror story in comments.

Randomness for 7/30


1) The largest Hot Wheels track ever. Four years in the making and it’s already sold for millions.

2) The 50 most delicious foods in the world. Points off for “Texas Barbecue Pork.”

3) More on joke Amazon.com reviews.

4) Spock is not impressed.

5) The Wesley Crusher Pullover Collection.

6) Dr. Strange villains reimagined.

7) Six pieces of technology SF movies forget about.

Let the rage begin


Here’s a news article that encapsulates so much of what is wrong with my country. Parents discover that high school English teacher writes racy novels.

Let’s start with the way it was written. The byline is “Staff” so I can only assume no one had a keyboard to type out individual sentences, since this reads like they tried to cut and paste the article from outraged emails. Maybe they could only use their mouse with the right click?

Let’s continue with the article itself: Why do these parents care what their teacher is doing in her free time? Times are tough and people need to make ends meet. If the woman has a second job, let her work.

Second, who cares if she’s teaching high school during the day? Is she reading erotica to her students in class? Is she pointing out the best pron sites on Tumblr (as opposed to letting the kids find that themselves)? No? Then STFU. If it bothers you that your kids know their teacher writes erotica, don’t tell your kids. It’s called having common sense.

What’s more, I remember being a teenager. I didn’t need any encouragement to think about sex in the classroom. I was a teenager! Thinking about sex was pretty much the only thing I was competent at.

What’s more, who cares if teens think about sex? Really, do you think you can control them that much? Quick note to those parents: When your teen rides in a car looking out the window, they’re thinking about sex. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s healthy. It’s what they’re supposed to do.

But of course I expect this poor woman to lose her job, since kicking around teachers is the new national sport.

Now I have to go back to this thing I’m supposed to be revising.

Randomness for 3/30


1) Canadian politics made fun by nitpicking about monsters. Via James Nicoll.

2) Shit my students write.

3) Jon Stewart on class warfare, without ever mentioning class. Video.

4) This is genuinely awesome. It’s better than GARFIELD MINUS GARFIELD.

5) This writer’s evening is nothing at all like mine. How to be a social writer. via James Enge

6) Are these the best D&D adventures ever?

7) Sixty completely unusable stock photos. This is hilarious wtf-ery, but it will take a while to load. Open it up in a tab and do something else for a while, then come back to it. Seriously, people, I can’t pick the worst one (okay, I can: it’s the blackface one).

Randomness for 1/12


1) Commissioner Gordon is a Jerk.

2) What’s it like living in Playboy Mansion? Apparently, the answer is: rigidly schduled.

3) Drill Close to Reaching 14-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake.

4) Hoping for a big time Hollywood deal? Hah!

5) Muslims protect Christians.

6) Don’t buy your comics from this asshole.

7) “Inland tsunami” sweeps away cars in Toowoomba, Australia. Video part one. Video part two.